I am getting ready to take off for the summer and be a nomad. I am packing up my belongings and putting it all in storage until I get back. Before leaving there are 5 things I have to get done and I thought they may be of interest if you ever have to move, or travel on an extended vacation.

Find a suitable storage unit

When looking for a storage unit I decided to start looking for units close to where my sons live.  The second step was to find a unit that offered climate control.  This is essential living in Arizona, especially in the summer.

I managed to find an excellent storage unit down the road from where my boys live. This way they can check on things
while I’m gone.

The lady was rather nice, and even though I don’t need the unit for a couple more weeks, they set a date to move in.
Another nice feature was the first 2 months were at ½ price which was great.  They also offer packing materials and boxes if you need them.

Downsize more and pack up less

I decided to get rid of more things as I was packing.  I found I still have stuff I no longer wear or use. If I hadn’t worn, or used it in the past six months to a year, it had to go!

I listed several things on Offer Up and Facebook Market Place and I managed to sell everything at list price.

Recently I lost weight, so many of my clothes no longer fit.  It seems I had 3 sets of clothes, thin, medium and fat.  In doing this I realized keeping 3 sizes of clothes, was sabotaging my ability to keep the weight off!  So only thin will remain, everything else has to go.

Getting a truck

I had to determine what size truck I would need and reserve it, pick a date to move and line up movers.  Well  I lucked out on this one. The storage unit has a truck I could book at no charge, and my boys will help me move.  It seems all is falling into place.


Turn off Utilities

I have to make sure utilities are turned off. I will set a date and have the utilities shut off and also see if I can get them paid, so I don’t have to worry about them while gone.

What to do with Mail

I decided I would have the post office hold my mail instead of getting a P.O. Box. It makes much more sense because I don’t get much mail anyway.  However when I checked with the Post Office, I found out that they only hold for 3 months at a time.  I may have to rethink what I do with the mail.

Not only do I have to do these 5 things but I have to decide what I will be taking with me on the trip. Being on the road for 3 months is going to be exciting but also challenging due to the fact I can only take so much in my car.

If it looks like I forgot something, leave any helpful tips below.  Cheers!