While in Albuquerque, I have discovered several things. From shopping to floating in a bed, it has been fantastic.

Shopping at Thrift Store

When I left Phoenix, it was in the ’90s. Living in Arizona, you get accustomed to the weather and take it for granted. You can forget other parts of the country do not share the same temps.

That’s what happened to me, so when I arrived in Albuquerque, I found I didn’t bring warm clothes. It is the end of May for heaven sake and should be warm everywhere. Albuquerque was having a cold front coming through, and it even snowed in the Sandia Mountains. I needed warm clothes fast.

My friend Sheryl l took me to a thrift store in Corrales. It was a cute little store with some great finds in it. Now I’m not much of a thrift store shopper but was glad I found a pair of jeans for $6.00. Better yet the proceeds go to the pet rescue, so that made me feel great!

Shopping at Ross

I decided to stop into Ross one day while I was out picking up some food. Sheryl was working, so I had time to kill.  Shopping is always a fun way to kill time.

I discovered Ross has a club, sorry forgot what they called it, but it gives a 10% on sales every Tuesday for those 55 and over. I had purchased a top and some pants and when he told me that I was grateful. I’m sure it is probably nationwide so if you didn’t know that now you do.

Mind Body Float

I went to a health spa, which was terrific. I met the owner Danny, and he explained the floatation bed and other services he provides.

LUMEN is located just east of downtown Albuquerque. The wellness center uses top-of-the-line technology to help you achieve whole-body wellness. It just so happened he had the bed open, so I tried it out. It was awesome. I cannot explain the relaxation you feel as you lay floating in the water.

This is a great way to meditate and relax and let your mind and body truly rest. The Mind-Body Float will help you sleep better, improve your circulation, help with injury recovery, improve athletic performance, and increase your creativity.

I highly recommend if you’re in Albuquerque to visit Lumen as it’s truly an excellent place for your wellness.  If passing through and you need a little relaxation, call or stop in and set up an option that suites you.

Sandia Mountains

View from the top of Sandia Mt.

We went to the crest of the Sandia Mountains, and you could see the valley below. The sight was breathtaking. It was pretty windy and cold at the top, but it was worth it. They also had a gift shop where locals came and sold their creations.

One artist really caught my eye. Her name was Cristina Diaz-Arntzen, she designed and made Fabric Art. You can see her creations at punchquilts@facebook.com. Her creations are a “no Sew” fabric art technique that mimics quilting to create a unique, 3-Dimensional wall hanging or picture without making a single stitch. You really must check it out.

Sandia Peak Tramway & Casino

We were unable to ride the tramway due to windy conditions; however, we did have some great sites and met some lovely people.


We managed to make it down the mountain and stopped into the Sandia Casino. I did not win; however, had some fun playing one slot machine that paid enough to let me keep playing for a while before leaving.Hall in Sandia Casino

The casino has a great amphitheater outside for concerts. They have some great performers lined up for summer entertainment.


We stopped at a great restaurant in Bernalillo, NM called “the Range.” It was decorated so cutely, and it also had a gift shop.

The service and food were excellent.  I was very impressed with the experience and would go back again.  They have several locations each with their own unique decor so make sure you check them out when your in Albuquerque.

The Range Cafe

I will continue with things I discovered in Albuquerque on my next blog. Please leave any comments, subscribe and share.