Today I thought I would take on a challenge and bring you along with me. The challenge that was given to me: Pick the best dating site for seniors and see what happens.

My Experience With Dating Sites

I have not been on one of these sites for years. The last time was when my friend and I had a little too much to drink, and she signed me up for Plenty of Fish.  My participation was about 1 month before I got off the site.  Before leaving I did tell a gentleman I did not play second fiddle to anyone.

About ten and a half years ago, I checked out E-Harmony.  A friend in Alabama stated it could be fun and I could meet someone. However, it did not work out as well.

When I signed up, I stated I wanted someone within 25 miles of my home, and I received hits from men out of state. They ended up being someone who hacked the system, took someone’s picture, told me how much he loved me after 3 exchanges, then wanted money from me for his sick daughter. REALLY? Did he think I was stupid enough to fall for that?

Alone Or Lonely

There are many mature women out there who are single either from divorce or death and want companionship or even a full-blown relationship.

I’ve heard horror stories of women who are so lonely that they fall for the story that was given to me. They will forget common sense, get their hearts broken and some have even lost thousands of dollars.

After losing my husband some 14 years ago I’ve dated a few men however none turned out to be my soul mate, and I’ve enjoyed my life, so I have never been lonely.  The difference between being alone and lonely is what you do with your life and how you live. Yes I am alone but not lonely.

I have no problem traveling, going to the movies, or just sitting home by myself. Would it be nice to have someone to share life with? Probably, however I don’t need someone to complete me or stop me from living life.

Which Site to Start With

I realize there are a lot of on line dating sites, some free others that charge a fee.  I decided to start with a paid one. Why? Because if the man is too cheap to pay to find a date what else is he cheap on? The dating sites I looked at were:

Match – Best Expert Matching

Match has been a site that has been in business with over 20 years of perfecting the matchmaking process. I know several people who have found true love on this site.

3-months: $23.99/month
6-months: $20.00/month
12-months: $19.99/month

Silver Singles – Best For Those Who Are Hesitant About Dating After A Divorce

Silver Singles is for divorced single who are not sure about dating again.  The upside it’s for older individuals and the downside is you can only see five matches per day.

Free Version: Yes
3-months: $57.95/month
6-months: $44.95/month
12-months: $31.95/month

Zoosk – Best Starter Option

Zoosk is a site I had never heard of before, but thought I would check it out just the same. It’s Senior friendly to sign up and for the cost. It’s for those who are new to online dating. It only has a few questions to answer, picture upload and stating your location.

The downsides to this site the fact that there is no customer service so if you are having issues or need questions answered, you have to go to their FAQ page. They have a FREE version; however, you can only view other profiles; you cannot contact them unless you pay.

Free Version: Yes
1 month: $29.95/month
3-months: $19.98/month
6-months: $12.49/month

Our Time – Best For People Looking For Multiple Types of Companionship

Our Time has a laid back atmosphere for the older crowd and is dedicated to singles over 50. It helps users who not only looking for romance but also those who are looking outside of love. So if you’re looking for pen pals, travel buddies, and other types of casual companionship, this could be the site.

The downside is their free membership has limited features.

1-months: $29.96/month
6-months: $15.00/month

I eliminated E-Harmony because it’s best for those who want to marry and because I had a bad experience with them years ago.

My Pick

I decided to go with Our Time for several reasons.  One being they have options such as pen pals or travel buddies, which works for me because I am not looking to get married. They also offer a 1-month option, so I’m not locked into 3 months if I’m not happy with what I am experiencing.

Let’s see what happens. I will keep you up to date on how it goes.  Who knows I may find someone who is interesting and loves to travel or I may find my prince charming.

Have you experienced online dating using one of the above sites? What was your experience, good or bad? I would love to hear from you. Cheers!