There are plenty of things to see and do in Albuquerque. There are remarkable things like Route 66 and not so familiar things like the wineries and the botanical gardens.

The Botanical Gardens

The Albuquerque Botanical Gardens were beautiful. They have many different flowers, trees, and roses to see. They also have a herb space as well as a small vineyard.

Albuquerque Botanical Gardens

I was most impressed with the Children’s area. They enlarged everything from vegetables to the planters you plant them in. It was an excellent space for children to learn about growing.

The gardens also offered sets of model trains that passed through cities and over bridges. It was very unique, and the kids seem to enjoy every inch of it.

Wine Tasting

New Mexico had many vineyards back in the day, and there are still some today. I visited and went to the Casa Rondena for some wine tasting.

Not knowing much about wines, I must say they tasted pretty good to me. The waiter and waitress pouring my wine were very knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoyed my time with them.

Wine tasting

The grounds were also stunning. There was a small pond out back and places to sit and enjoy your wine. The tasting area was in front of the main building. I was told you could only go to the back building if you were a paid member. I guess that is where dinner is served.

They may have other entertainment, food, etc. on different days, I’m not sure, but on the day I went, there was no food or entertainment, just the wine tasting or purchasing of a glass or two.

Downtown Albuquerque

The downtown area of Albuquerque is something to see. The famous Route 66 runs through it, and there are all kinds of neat buildings and art displayed.

I love old buildings and the craftsmanship they have to offer. I really loved a building I saw, and it had to be my favorite of all. The craftsmanship was unbelievable. They just don’t make buildings such as this anymore.

There was a display of artwork on the windows, some buildings, and even on the sidewalks to let you know you were in New Mexico. There are several new condo buildings in the mix to give a hip vibe.

With its many places to eat, shops and historical buildings, the downtown area of Albuquerque is a great place to check out.

Their old town is another place that is worth checking out with its shops, the gazebo and historic church. The native Pueblo Indians also sell their beautiful jewelry and artwork.

Los Poblanos

Los Poblanos is a Historic Inn and Organic Farm located in the heart of the Rio Grande River Valley. Its lavender fields in the entrance of the property are not only beautiful, but the sent is also marvelous.

Unfortunately, they do not allow pictures on the property. I asked and was told the only way you allow pictures is if you pay for their license so if you want to see photos of the property, you will need to go to their website.

Lavender fields and Resort

They have a gift shop which is located in a renovated historic dairy barn, which features a deli and ice cream made from the lavender they grow. I tried the ice, and it was delicious. They also offer artisan bread baked on site each morning.

The shop also offers soaps, lotions and things also made from the lavender, as well as Native American jewelry and ceramics and items made by local artists.

This place would make a beautiful place to have a wedding or other event. They have an outside area set up for a wedding, and the grounds are very well kept for an outdoor or inside event. I did not eat there; however, I am told their meals use organic ingredients. According to their card, they are in the top 10 hotels for food lovers in America – Bon Appetit.

I did manage to sneak a shot from the road of the fields and some of the cabins but was sad that I could not take pictures of the grounds. In my opinion, it is a great place to swing by and check out or have an event at.

IL Vicino

IL Vicino is a local restaurant with a couple of locations in Albuquerque. We ate at the downtown location, which is nearer to the college.

The service and food were excellent. The menu offered salads, pizza, and other Italian delights. They even had their own spicy oil, which I didn’t try as I don’t do spicy or hot.

My friend and I split a salad and pizza, and it was to die for. The pizza was cooked in a brick oven which you just can’t beat. A great place to grab a bit with a great atmosphere. We went after the lunch rush with was a plus.

I will be leaving Albuquerque and making my way south before heading back north. Stay tuned and please subscribe and share and tell me if you have experienced any of these sites and what you think of them. Cheers!