Denver is a city with plenty to do and see. From baseball to city life, the city is geared for fun. It can get very busy when a ball game is in town as it was when I was there however I found the city a great place to visit.

I met up with a friend and went to dinner at Jim-n-Nick’s BBQ and then to the Denver Improv for a great Comedy Show. It was a fun night at the Shops at North Field Stapleton.

Chalk Art Festival

This was an enjoyable experience. Artists from all over participated in this, and it was a beautiful display of art. As a rain storm came in the day before the artist had to recreate their masterpieces. I was able to see them work.

I met my friend David at there, and we took in all the beauty of the festival. The artists are so creative with chalk and a sidewalk. It’s simply unbelievable!

The festival was packed with many people, so I suggest you get there early if you ever go to this event. I also think it could be set up, so the foot traffic flowed better. People were going in many directions, which made it hard to see everyone’s creations. All in all, it was a beautiful site to see, and I would recommend this or any event like it.

Homestead Golf Course

After seeing much of the art, my friend and I headed for the Homestead Golf Course in Lakewood. While downtown and on the way to the golf course I saw Coors Stadium and Mile High Stadium.

The Homestead is a beautiful course. When we arrived it was raining so we had lunch. The food was terrific, and the rain stopped, and the sun came out, so we were able to golf in perfect weather.

We were paired up with another twosome for the first 9 then went on to play the rest of 18 alone. My friend is a great golfer and me, not so much, but I enjoyed my time on the course golfing with my friend. It was a fantastic day, and I truly appreciated David for showing me some sites around Denver and spending time with me.

Seven Falls

Seven Falls is a beautiful place to visit. You can ride an elevator up and look it its beauty from afar, or you can walk up the stairs and look at the beauty close up.

There’s a zip line adventure which is supposed to be one of the best in the world.  I was unable to go on the ride because the shortest ride was 3 ½ hrs and I had the dog with me. I do plan to go back and do the zip line soon.

When you get to the top of the falls, you can walk about and see more falls if you desire to do that. I only made it to the first deck as the air was very thin, which made it hard to breathe, and I had to carry the dog.

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs is home to the Garden of the Gods. This is a beautiful place for all to see with a fascinating story of how there will never be a charge to view its beauty.

While in the gardens I watched as others did some rock climbing. I also watched many children having fun playing and climbing on the rocks. It is an excellent place for kids to experience.

The rock formations were beautiful, and I also enjoyed the flowers.  I am so glad I stop and checked it out. I highly recommend going to see if in the area.

2 Cities outside of Denver

Evergreen and Golden are 2 cities outside Denver I would suggest you visit if you are in the area. They are charming and offer a great history as well as shopping and restaurants to visit.

Evergreen is a small town with a beautiful park. You can walk around its beautiful lake, go fishing, paddle boarding, paddle boating, or kayak. It has a lovely Log Cabin that appears to be a place you can rent for an event.

I had lunch at Cactus Jacks Saloon. It is a cute restaurant/bar, and the food is delicious. The grills décor, their specials, and the service was terrific. I had a great experience there.

I ran into 2 ladies who were painting pictures of the lake and the landscape.  It was nice to stop and speak with them.

While walking around the lake, the weather changed, and it became colder. I was cold as I did not bring a sweater with me. At the end of the lake is the town and there was a cute thrift store where I found a sweater for 5.00. It was a warm find.


Golden was a lovely town with a lot of energy. It was very festive. Coors brewery is located in the city.  Golden’s main street is fill with many cute shops and wonderful restaurants. Spending time  there was fun.

The town had many statues and plaques telling of its history. I really enjoyed reading about the city and its people.

I loved going into one of the thrift stores there and also enjoy the little shops. The whole city seemed to be friendly with a certain vibe around it. I really enjoyed the time in the town.

If you like small towns with great shops, restaurants, and great vibes you should visit both Evergreen and Golden Colorado, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I will be on the road heading to Florida. I will be stopping in Waco to see Magnolia Market, and what the town has to offer.

If you’re enjoying this journey, please leave a comment and let me know. Cheers!