I’m a big fan of Chip and Joanna Gains. I have watched the show since its beginning and now watch the reruns. Because I am such a fan, I would not leave Texas without visiting Waco and the Silo District.

The Silo District

I watched Joanna sell her vision to Chip on purchasing the silos, making the bakery, the market, and additions. They are now adding to the district with a coffee house and who knows what else. What she envisioned and seeing that vision come true has not only been a blessing for their fans but for the city of Waco.

The district, as a whole, offers so much to see and experience. There is a flower garden and a garden shop for the kiddos, Chip has his corner in the market place, and the cupcake shop is adorable. I remember when they renovated it on the show.

The chocolate croissant I had was delicious. I thought it to be a little overpriced for the size; however, I realize it is a tourist stop, and they really could get whatever price they put on it.

There is an area where music is played and you can play cornhole.  You will not go hungry as there are food trucks on the grounds that server fantastic food.

The whole staff, working in all the stores, were a delight and helpful. I loved going through all of the shops there, and I wanted to purchase one of the garden shirts; however, it only came in youth sizes.

Tour Limo

There was a tour you could sign up for and take while there.  I can’t remember their name as we didn’t take the tour because of the dogs.

The tour was about 2 hours long, and we were told it took you around some of the houses that were on Fixer Upper and they also give you the history of Waco.  They make different stops and also stop for free ice cream. It sounded great, but I just could not fit it in this trip.

What was unique about the service is that it was started by two of the Fixer Upper Clients.  I remembered the shows of both.

Downtown Waco

There was a free bus ride to downtown where there was a farmers market, and many of the shops.  The bus picks you up at the Market Place then drops you off anywhere downtown on the route, then will pick you up again and take you back to the Market.

It was fun to see the downtown area, the stores Joanne would go into, and a special treat was visiting Christi’s, who is a former designer from Trading Spaces.

David Koresh and the Branch Davidians gave Waco a bad vibe.  I’m so happy that Chip, Joanne and Fixer Upper Show turned that around and now there is a great positive side to Waco.

Harp Design

I was excited to be able to go into Clint’s store. I wish he would have been there, but his work was on display to purchase, so it made my day.

Clint is very talented, and I enjoyed looking at his wood working skills. I was able to see many of the pieces Joanne used in her designs.

Jimmy Don

I was impressed that Jimmy Don was outside his shop chatting with people. I purchased one of his pieces and not only did he sign it but I also got my picture taken with him.

While chatting with him, he told me that Chip and Joanne fixed up a house for his son, who got married and moved.  His daughter lived in it for awhile and now it is bed and breakfast. I told him had I known I would have stayed in it. Maybe next trip!

Savage Finds

This is one of the stores Joanne would go to and find great things for the houses she decorated. There were all kinds of unusual finds.

I saw things in the store I have never seen. Now I know why Chip use to enjoy going with Joanne when she was looking for specfic pieces. My find was a cross for my cross wall.

Texas BBQ

We didn’t go to Chips restaurant as my brother wanted original Texas BBQ. The locals we asked suggested we go to Vitek’s. They stated it has been around for 100 years and was the best BBQ in town.

The food, their system of taking your order, and getting your food to you was outstanding. I had the BBQ ribs, and I will say they were excellent.

The whole restaurant was nice and clean. I really wanted to try Chips restaurant; however, this was a great substitute, and I’m sure with all the tourists in town we would have had to wait for a table.

I loved my visit to Waco, and I would suggest if you go to the Silo District, go early.  We got there just before the bakery opened and there were no long lines yet and everything we did went pretty quickly.

If you’re a fan of The Fixer Upper, you will want to go to Waco and take in the town and all it has to offer. I also want to thank the show and the Gaines for what they have created.

Please leave any comments and let me know if what you think. Cheers!