I left New Mexico and headed to Denver, Colorado, where I met my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew, who lives there. We spent a week exploring the area and seeing what great things were in the area.

Camping on Base

My brother is retired Air Force, and he and my sister-n-law own a camper which I stayed in on the Air Force base outside of Denver. The camping area was very nice, with a bathhouse and laundry room. It was fun staying on the base.

After we set up the camper we met up with my nephew and went to dinner at TequiLas.  It is a Mexican restaurant with wonderful food.  My dish came out on a platter and I had to take most of it with me.  Their decor was so cute and the restaurant was very clean.  I highly recommend it and will visit it again if in the area.

Mother Cabrini Shrine

On our first day trip up into the mountains to find adventure, we were a little northwest of Denver and discovered the Shrine of Mother Cabrini, when going to Look Out Mountain. We had to walk up more than 350 steps to get to it.  It didn’t take long to discover how thin the air gets and your lungs can burn as we climbed the steps.

The grounds were beautiful, and when we reached the top, the site was excellent. We saw elk looking at us. When we walked back down, we stopped into the gift shop to see the lovely things it had to offer. I purchased a cross for my cross wall back home.

Red Rock Park and Amphitheater

While in the area, we also went to Red Rock Park and Amphitheater. Opening in 1906, many musicians have played there.  A wall at the museum listed all the years and musicians who played there since it opened.  Some listed were John Denver, the Beatles, Poco, and the Smothers Brothers.

There is a pitch-perfect spot in the center of a circle in the floor of the museum. The original band played at this location because of this pitch-perfect spot. It was amazing when you stood there and spoke. It sounded different than when you stepped outside of the circle and spoke.

Down the road from the theater was the Park where you could hike this trail and see the red rocks and wildlife such as elk and the wildflowers.

Not only do they have concerts at the theater, but during the day, people use the steps to exercise on and do yoga. It’s an excellent place for a work out for sure.

Rocky Mountain National Forest

On our second trip exploring we went the Rocky Mountain National Forest. I under-dressed as I had worm warm clothes the day before and was hot. We were at a higher elevation, and I froze that day.  Because I worn flip flops, I ended up walking in the snow with them on.

The Park had beautiful views, and when we reached the point that we could not go any further, I saw some kids sliding down the snow-covered mountain in only their shorts. Their parents told me they were from Florida and had never been in snow before. It was a great treat for them, but it made me cold just watching them.

The day was spectacular, and we all enjoyed the day. I was happy I could take Coco along to enjoy the day with us.

While in the area, I will be exploring more sites. Some things will be the Chalk Art Festival in Denver, golfing, 7 Falls, Garden of the Gods Park and Ever Green.

Please leave any comments, and if you have been to any of these places, please let me know. CHEERS!